Disc Golf X-Step

This is the full Disc Golf X-step a.k.a Disc Golf scissor step. -blue is right foot
This is used for the most distance on a Disc Golf "standard backhand" throw. The one shown here is for a right handed person reverse it for left handed disc throws.

You do end up facing 180 degrees away from your target on the full X step. By doing so you get the most power.
In turn you lose accuracy when doing this, so use it wisely. I would suggest using the shallow version (see below) before using this.

The main technique here is making a X with your legs. Step right then with your left foot step BEHIND you right which makes the X then finally your right comes around, plants and you do your throw. Obviously you can't really step like this (3rd step) without pivoting or even with some jump in the step. So be careful not to hurt yourself when using the X step.

This is a more shallow Disc Golf X-Step.
It should be used on most shots.
Practice this step over and over. Start slow the first few times then pick up speed a little more as you go. This technique will add HUGE distance to your throws. Even slowly this will out-throw your standstill shots. You don't fully turn around 180 degrees in this version and do lose some power. But accuracy is key in disc golf.

To show how effective the X Step really is simply do this experiment.

Get 2 discs.
Throw 1 disc as hard as you can with your feet planted.
Then throw the 2nd disc doing a very slow X-Step.

You should see a huge improvement even thrown slowly. With practice you'll be able to pick up more speed doing the "x step" and get all that much more distance.

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