Disc Golf Grips

Backhand Disc Golf drive grips

gpower.jpg (46973 bytes)

Power grip- The power grip is what a lot of players use for their drives. It's used for shots that require power and speed. The full grip helps the disc stay in your hand. The downside is that it cuts back on your release time because all your fingers have to let go.

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3 Finger grip- This grip is a good drive grip. It gives you power and also has some accuracy to it. The less fingers to catch on the disc the better your timing can be. At the same time it's enough to provide a good strong grip for those long drives.

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Roll grip- The roll grip is rolling your middle finger over your ring finger and your ring finger over your pinky. It's also a good drive grip to use. A good universal grip because it can be used as a drive and putting grip equally.

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Fan grip- Their are different variations of this grip (along with any grip described on this site) but it's a good grip if you can get use to it because your fingers aren't in the way to slow you down on the release. The less friction on your release the smoother the shot is going to be.

Disc Golf Side arm/forehand grips

 gsidearmfull.jpg (48857 bytes)

4 Finger grip- This is a good stable grip for sidearms. It's a good way to learn because it helps you feel the angle a little better. Angle is key in side arm shots.

gsidearmmidover.jpg (48234 bytes)

Middle over index grip- Personally this is my favorite sidearm grip. I like it because you can really "flick" the disc.

gsideareindover.jpg (47877 bytes)

Index over middle grip- This is another sidearm grip. Just the opposite of the middle over index. It just depends on what your comfortable with.

gsidearmtrain.jpg (48692 bytes)

Center brace grip- This is a great begining sidearm grip to practice with. It's like having a training wheel. Your index finger stabalizes the disc by supporting the center.

Disc Golf Thumb placement


Thyzergrip.jpg (15230 bytes)

Hyzer grip

The Hyzer is the most common throw in disc golf. It's a natural throw that when you throw the disc it will go out then curve back in at the end of it's flight. The thumb is placed on the inner softer plastic which tends to push the disc down.

Tstraightgrip.jpg (14917 bytes)

Straight grip

The straight throw is hard to master. The thumb should be placed just on the inside of the disc. Where the rim ends and it's soft.

Tanhyzergrip.jpg (14988 bytes)

Anhyzer grip

The anhyzer shot is also tricky. Your thumb should be placed on the outter rim on the hard plastic. If pushed down with your thumb the disc should pop up. This is the angle you want to throw the disc. A anhyzer is the opposite of the hyzer. It will go from inside out or left to right.