Disc Golf Number of discs

The number of discs recommended varies depending on who you speak to. Most pro's will usually tell new players only use 2 or 3 different types of discs initially. In fact most of them usually only have 4-6 different types themselves. They usually have 3 or more of the same type of disc just different levels it being broken in and or weight. The more a disc gets broken in it tends to fly a little different. It usually tends to "turn over" the more it gets beat up. The type of plastic usually determines how fast it does get broken in.
You really only need 1 disc go play a round. But to improve your game you should carry at least 2. You'll need a driver for distance and a putter for close approaches and putts. As you develop your game and become more addicted you will carry even more. Then before you know it, you have a disc golf bag (usually holds 9-12 discs) full of discs.

The more discs you have the larger room for error. If you want to be a good player though you'll need more discs for different situations. You can of course use 1 disc for every situation if you are good enough. But here are some examples of the different disc golf disc situations.

  • backhand drive
  • forehand drive
  • roller
  • tomahawk
  • straight shot
  • backhand approach
  • forehand approach
  • putt
  • turbo putt

  • You can get a different disc for each of these, but ideally you'll combine some of them to 1 disc. Like a roller and a tomahawk can be the same disc. Just remember the less discs you have to get to know the better you'll become with those discs.

    It's can be good advice to buy a bunch of the same disc and practice shots over and over with that disc. But it's not a very good idea to stay in 1 spot and just keep shooting from that spot. In a real game you only get 1 chance at the shot, the more you shoot the more likely you'll make the shot. Not to do this at all though, is also a bad idea. You want to get the feel for the correct way of doing things and muscle memory is a powerful tool in disc golf.

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