Disc Golf Putt and Approach

The Disc Golf putter or putt & approach disc has the widest outer rim of the 3 types of discs so there is more of a area to grab the chains when it hits. It also slows the disc generally since it's not as aerodynamic. It's usually softer and more flexible so it can bend when it hits the chains.

A good piece of advice for someone starting out or even someone with a few years under their belt is to try to play a round normally. Then after that round try playing with just a putter. Sometimes you'll be amazed at how good of a score you can get just by using a putter.

If you chose to use a Disc Golf putter when approaching the basket, keep in mind that most putters do not hyzer out as much as a normal disc. They tend to fly straighter and less distance.
Sometimes you'll find generic discs out there. I find these discs are great for Disc Golf approaching since they tend to not fly as well and won't over shoot the basket.

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