Disc Golf Straight drives

"Here is where your thumb should be for a Disc Golf straight shot. On the inside of the rim on the soft part. Try to keep the disc low to eliminate the natural Hyzer that occurs using a normal throw."

The pull should be straight across your chest. If you hyzer the disc when you throw your hand is starting too low and your pulling the disc in more of a upwards diagonal motion. If you anhyzer the disc that means your hand is to high at the starting point and you're pulling at more of a downward motion. Just keep in mind if you don't hit something it's natural for the disc to hyzer a little at the end. You just want to try and minimize it as much as possible and keep it straight.

Putters are great for Disc Golf straight shots. They generally are not good for distance so use em wisely. On the other hand you can usually get more distance from a putter then people think.

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