What is disc golf

What is disc golf? This question comes up a lot. The sport is growing fast and is still fairly young in comparison to most sports. Disc golf is basically ball golf with a Frisbee® like disc. Disc golf discs tend to be more aerodynamic and weigh a little more (150-175 grams). Disc golf is also known as Frisbee® golf, Frolf and Folf.

Disc golf has been around since the 1970's. The father of disc golf is "Steady” Ed Headrick. He is the creator of disc golf and the original Frisbee®.

Here is a comparison of Disc golf and ball golf to help give you a idea of what disc golf is.

Ball golf

Disc golf





Trees on the side of the course

Trees in the middle of the course

Hole in the ground

Hole above the ground using a Chain link basket

Can cost a lot of money to play at a course

Almost all courses are FREE to play

Can cost a small fortune to start playing with a full bag of clubs.

Costs as little as $8-$18 for a single disc which is all that is needed.

You need a variety of clubs to play a course efficiently.

You can play with just a driver or even a putter and play a good round.

This list can go on with some other differences but the two games are very similar. Both have water hazards, object is to reach the hole with as few of strokes as possible, use drivers, and putters.
Terminology is similar e.g. green, birdie, par, and bogey etc.

So why play disc golf?
1. It's great exercise without you even knowing it most of the time
2. It gets you out of the house.
3. A round of disc golf lasts as little as 30 minutes to a couple hours depending on how many holes you play.
4. It's free after your initial investment in a disc or two (or many depending on how hooked you get :) .
5. Meet new people.
6. It's a year-round sport.
7. Improve your hand and eye coordination.
8. Challenges you physically and mentally.
9. It gives you a reason to get off the computer and ACTUALLY talk to you friends and family in person.
10. It's great for all ages boys and girls.

And because it's FUN!!!!!

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