Welcome to River City Martial Arts Academy.

Offering Tai Chi classes for mind and body. Tai Chi is practiced for health benefits,improved concentration and a reduces stress.

We are an accredited Shaolin Kung Fu school practicing Changquan (long fist) Kung Fu. We practice Wushu and traditional Sanda sparring in Kung Fu

Our Taekwondo Academy has a deep lineage with our Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro being the founder of modern Taekwondo. We are a member of Song Moo Kwan our headquarters are in Seoul, Korea.

One our instructors in our Jiu Jitsu school was trained by one of the famed Gracie members. If your are interested in Mixed Martial Arts training (MMA) then ground fighting essential.

Offering the best Hapkido school around which is one of the best practical self defense class you can find. In a real world street fight Hapkido is a no-nonsense martial art that everyone can use.

Kumdo is the "Way of the sword". Weapons is a part of martial arts training and the sword is the base for many out there. We offer wide variety of Weapons training follow the links to find out more.

So if you are looking for Mixed Martial Arts Training we cover many aspects. Maybe your looking for a good kids karate class, so they will do better in school.
Or your looking for a good fitness program to get or stay in shape. Martial arts training helps in many ways of our lives. It helps from self defense to discipline and many things in-between.

Song Moo Kwan 2011 Sparring and board breaking tournament pictures.

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